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Our Youth are Facing a Crisis... 

Let's Give Them a Chance!

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Learn the Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Rackets and Net

 Enrichment and Empowerment Tennis Program


Saturdays 12pm-2pm
Tidewater Tennis Center
1159 Lance Road
Norfolk, VA 23502

Tennis Benefits
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Tennis Is My Savior
Enrichment and Empowerment Program

501 (c)(3) nonprofit foundation

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of underserved youth through physical skill-based training, positive coping mechanisms, and compassionate mentorship while using the universal sport of tennis

Problem Statement

Inner city youth, many originating from single parent homes, are currently facing a mental health and physical safety epidemic. Whether or not they escape an overworked and underfunded foster care system or stay within abusive and/or neglectful homes, these kids are more likely to fall victim to drug and alcohol abuse, gang membership, rape, human trafficking, teen pregnancy, and other forms of poverty based violence from the moment they are born. Social agencies and school's alike are operating at a deficit, trying to solve a problem they are simply unequipped to handle. The morale at these agencies is low to non existent, and the kids can feel it. Now more than ever, we need to re-instill a sense of community and hope for our future generations.



"TIMS," Tennis Is My Savior Enrichment and Empowerment Program, will set a higher standard of living for our "forgotten youth" by providing a road map for personal empowerment, success, and happiness. In a sport that traditionally excludes kids from lower socioeconomic communities, TIMS will also strive to even the playing field by giving greater access to scholarship opportunities. This will help diversify the pool of future athletes, college graduates, and healed adults ready to give back what they were able to gain from their community. TIMS will strive to create leaders. TIMS will strive to create survivors rather than victims. TIMS will strive to create champions from within, champions of the greatest game they will ever have to endure: Life.  




This program, led by passionate and skilled tennis coaches with life experience, will open opportunities to pursue higher education, develop friendships and connection, and increase self esteem. TIMS will encourage "Learning Life Through Tennis" and "Living Life By Tennis Principles." TIMS maintains an open door policy, subscribing to the belief that an integral part of the success of this empowerment and enrichment program is to make certain all concerns are addressed expeditiously. Parents and guardians of TIMS participants will be afforded the same opportunities.

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223 E City Hall Ave. Suite 327
Norfolk, VA


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