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Tennis Practice

Michael Stoney

Michael Stoney, aka “Stoney,” founder, creator, and inspiration behind T.I.M.S. (Tennis is my savior), grew up on the streets of NY. Growing up during the crack epidemic and an era of high policing, high mortality rates, and high incarceration rates for young black men, Stoney witnessed and overcame many life threatening and mentally debilitating circumstances.  


Stoney was introduced to tennis by his grandfather, the first black tennis player for Jamaica High School. Stoney grew up playing, teaching, and loving the game of tennis. It became a family sport and a way to escape the “hood” and all the negativity that was claiming the lives of many of his peers.  


When Stoney became a father, he was reminded of all the positive influence tennis had on his life; he remembered how much this amazing principle-driven sport helped him, and now seeks to help other kids overcome their circumstances the way he did. Becoming a well known inspirational coach in the Hampton Roads area, Stoney fought to inspire self-esteem, self-discipline, and champions of life in every kid who stepped onto his court.  


Now, his new foundation is eager to positively impact the countless inner city children who need help developing a vigor for life so they can contribute to our society in a positive way and lead happy and successful lives. 


Zachary Stoney

Zachary Stoney graduated from Princess Anne High School as the captain of the varsity tennis team. He spent his first 10 years as a high honor role student at Norfolk Academy, where he also played on the varsity tennis; being a perfectionist in his studies, Zachary has never gotten a grade below an A in all his years of school. He is now enrolled in VCU's art program.  


Zachary has lived most of his life with severe foot pain. After burning through countless doctor's visits, shoes, orthopedics, and inserts, he still tries to overcome that pain and stay on the court. Even with his limited movement, he still manages to be a vital asset to whatever team he's a part of, contributing in taking his high school tennis team to the State's Semifinals. 

Throughout his journey, Zachary realized the important role that tennis plays in his life; it particularly helped him develop social and problem-solving skills. His passion to help others see the potential benefits of the sport of tennis was a major motivation in the T.I.M.S. program being born.  


Zachary helps our foundation by empathizing with his age group so that we can plant a seed of motivation to change. His passion for volunteer work is priceless! With all of his experiences with the local community through tennis, whether it be through playing or assisting, Zachary is determined to give the gift of community to others. 


Xavier Stoney

Xavier Stoney has overcome many mental and physical struggles throughout his life, the biggest one being Epilepsy. Experiencing seizures since the age of 6 and taking heavy prescription medication since the age of 12, he has dealt with the emotional stress, mental trauma, and physical side effects of pharmaceuticals.  


He overcomes this isolating and oftentimes debilitating condition every day with a positive outlook on life, and credits a lot of the lifestyle principles he has learned to athletics, parental guidance, and exercise as a healthy coping mechanism. The will to never give up and take his quality of life into his own hands, despite the uncomfortable circumstances he was given, is what keeps him going.  


The opportunity to help others overcome their own uncomfortable circumstances is what motivates him to run a company and a non-profit foundation with his father. His goal through PROH Wellness is to help give as many people as he can a chance of learning a new perspective and approach on dealing with all life struggles, including chronic illness. 


Support Team

Ramel Bautista, Treasurer for PROH H&W Outreach Foundation, is a 2000 Graduate of the United States Naval Academy. After serving for nearly a decade in the US Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer, he became one of the most recognized tennis coaches in Hampton Roads.  


Over a decade of coaching helped him foster a passion for working with and inspiring youth. In 2019, Ramel sustained life-threatening and a potentially permanently debilitating traumatic brain injury. With the help of his loved ones and a will to overcome any and all obstacles, Ramel was able to make a full and steadfast recovery.  


Inspired by his own journey and invigorated by the prospect of helping others heal from their own ailments, he and Michael Stoney embarked on a mission to help people help themselves. Thus, PROH Wellness was born. He is excited to continue on his path of growth and of healing his community one person at a time. 


Ennis Cobb is the Sergeant of Arms for PROH H&W Outreach. He is a loving father with a background in health care administration... 

Ennis is a well educated and talented partner in PROH Wellness Center and the Sergeant of Arms for PROH H&W Outreach.  


He is a loving father with a background in health care administration. An empathetic and compassionate soul, Ennis strives to help each and every person he can possibly reach to hopefully better the human race and promote a society of healing and love.  



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