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Rackets and Net

Tennis & Bone Development

Playing tennis regularly strengthens the bones of young players and has been proven to help prevent osteoporosis later on in life

Tennis & Brain Development

Playing tennis often can help to enhance abilities of planning, tactical thinking, agility and body coordination as well as memory, social skills, learning and behavior

Tennis & Diet

Compared to non-athletes and contact-sports participants, tennis players reported lower risk for being overweight than non-athletes and participants in many other sports

Tennis & Education

Children who play tennis regularly tend to get better grades and achieve higher goals

Tennis & Heart Development

Playing tennis just 3 hours per week can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 56%. As one long term study shows, tennis players add 9.7 years to their life over sedentary individuals

Tennis & Mental Health

Tennis helps you cope with physical, mental, emotional and social challenges and enhances your ability to manage stress.

Tennis & Sleep

Since stress and anxiety are two of the most common causes of insomnia, tennis can help treat insomnia through releasing serotonin and improving blood circulation

Tennis & Social Health

Playing tennis encourages interaction with different players from different backgrounds, providing opportunities to create and strengthen new bonds.

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