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Rackets and Net

Tennis & Mental Health

Tennis & Mental Health

Playing tennis allows the body to release more serotonin: a chemical produced by nerve cells that is associated with the digestive system, sleep patterns and mood.

People with optimal serotonin levels tend to have less stress, anxiety and depression.

Recreational tennis calms the mind, relaxes tense muscles and helps the cardiovascular system to function normally.

Tennis also helps develop problem-solving skills; no other sport requires as much problem-solving as tennis due to nearly every shot you hit being a reaction to what your opponent throws at you.

Exercise also helps release beneficial endorphins that help lift your spirits and improve your mood. Learning new skills can help boost your confidence.

Tennis also helps develop focus and self-control.

Participating in tennis not only increases motivation but also provides a foundation for developing a positive self-esteem that creates the ability to perform a variety of activities that seem difficult.

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